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For a cloud consultancy,
we’re pretty down to earth

We love the cloud, but it’s not easy to make things simple.

Oblivion was brought up on good old Dutch pragmatism. We soon figured that the only way to integrate cloud solutions at the heart of a business is by taking into account every aspect from safety and cost to security and scalability, whilst constantly being able to adapt effectively to the latest innovations.

We help you set and realize these ambitious goals in the cloud, by dreaming big but implementing with Dutch pragmatism and (sometimes brutal) realism.

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Our cloud consultancy services

Our way of working is as simple as possible. It takes only three steps to get any business to the cloud. Okay, three pretty big leaps forward. But we’ll take them together.


Uncovering all possibilities and opportunities the cloud holds for your business.

Enablement & Migration

We give you cloud control to be able to move forward.

Development & Innovation

Creating customized cloud solutions at the heart of your business.

Managed Services

Cost-efficient tools and processes to ensure continuous innovation.
Helping Blonk scale through Cloud Native Development on AWS
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Managing the evolution of CustomerGauge’s AWS Environment at scale
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Automating the continuous integration and continuous delivery on AWS for one of the biggest e-commerce businesses in the Netherlands.
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DSM and Oblivion Power Green Feed Calculator on AWS
DSM and Oblivion Power Green Feed Calculator on AWS
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MN Pensioen
How we helped MN to turn their data center environment into a state-of-the-art hybrid cloud environment.
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Cloud migration and application migration: a structured process towards a solid and reliable application environment.
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Updating a homegrown Rail Planner app to handle thousands of users and their data in real-time.
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Providing Enterprises, MSP’s and direct customers a control center for sustainable cloud services
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Well-Architecting to better serve the customers.
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Sparco International
Control and flexibility in a future-proof, managed AWS environment.
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How DevOps allowed an IT provider to deliver cloud based services for a multi-billion dollar company.
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How AWS IoT enabled granular and affordable metering.
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How a solution based on AWS IoT and a serverless architecture are powering the measurement of power
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