AWS Premier Consulting Partner since 2018

Who do we think we are?

Oblivion is the most down to earth cloud consultancy, in the known universe.

Our mission is to guide our customers to become self-sufficient and innovative on a successful and effective cloud-journey.

Oblivion was born out of enthusiasm in 1998, when the three Dutch founders saw the many possibilities of cloud technology. And it was grown on good old Dutch pragmatism. Because the founders soon figured out that this was the only way to help clients integrate cloud solutions in a way that would give them the control and agility they need to stay ahead.

Get ready for lift-off

Our journey so far

1998 founded by three best friends
2006 introduction of AWS and our first steps in the cloud
2018 Oblivion becomes the first Dutch AWS Premier Partner
2021 Oblivion continuous proudly part of Xebia

We keep things simple and effective.

Oblivion believes that the more complex and multifaceted a business goal is, the more pragmatic and down to earth the implementation process has to be. Otherwise we’ll just end up making a lot of PowerPoint slides and white board notes, instead of writing actual code. That combination of dreaming big and working very pragmatically, made Oblivion the biggest cloud consultancy in the country.

Working for large scale international enterprises and start-ups, helping them achieve business ambitions like transforming towards a digital enterprise, realizing a new strategic customer engagement platform or reducing IT cost while growing in innovation.

Especially now that the cloud has become more complex, offering more technologies and solutions than ever before, it’s important for your cloud consultant to be as concise, down to earth and understandable as possible.

Get to know our way of working


get ready for lift-off

Here is how we do things at Oblivion:

We show you new possibilities.

When setting ambitious business goals together, we really dig in and find the underlying motives that drive your need for innovation. Based on those insights, we will show you what cloud solutions we could create to help you stay ahead.



We implement customized cloud solutions together.

We dig in even more and take into account all facets of your business to implement the cloud solutions we develop at the heart of your operations. It has to be efficient, effective and integrated. And the only way to do this is by taking into consideration every department, from IT to legal and everything in between.

We won’t forget finance, of course – Oblivion wouldn’t be the Dutch Cloud Consultancy if we wouldn’t help you cut costs.

We give you complete control to move forward.

The final step is to get ourselves out of the picture as fast as possible. Because that’s the only way to really help you move forward. We aren’t a big enough company to have people deployed at all our clients. But we are just the right size to create a lot of momentum, no matter how large the organization. 

But we're only a phone call away.

If you need someone to fall back on or have questions or concerns, we are always available and ready. When it fits your ambition or way of working, we can offer full managed support to make all your dreams in the cloud come true. Whether it is staying ahead of the innovation curve or never worrying about your cloud spend, Oblivion has got you covered. 

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Get ready for lift-off

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