WE, The Cloud, and AWS


Oblivion Cloud Control is a company born in the cloud, and since before our official launch, in 2014, AWS runs in our DNA.

As a spin-off from our mother company, Oblivion, we were born out of a passion to create, design and architect solutions and products that involved the Cloud. We invested in expertise and tighten our partnership with AWS because we believed it was the future, and time proved us right.

The demand for our services has never been higher and this is a clear reflection of our commitment to excel.

What distinguishes us is our commitment to be 100% cloud focused and result oriented.

We strive to continuously improve and innovate, being aware of the latest developments in the cloud scene to make a precise translation of concrete and relevant cloud solutions that match the future and thus be of genuine added value by providing in-depth knowledge and expertise to our customers.