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What is the AWS Marketplace?

It is a curated digital catalog of software, data, and services that makes it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software and data products that run on AWS. Oblivion is one of the first AWS Consulting Partners with managed services capabilities to quote and contract professional services on the AWS Marketplace to help customers implement, support, and manage their software on AWS. On this page, we highlight the Professional Services that we are offering on the AWS Marketplace.

Our Marketplace offerings

Cloud Foundation

A landing zone must be secure, compliant, scalable, flexible, and efficient. We offer a standardized and mature foundation of your AWS environment. With AWS Cloud Foundation we bring in our experience from designing and implementing 100+ landing zones. Find our offering here.

Highly suitable

A modular framework makes our Cloud Foundation suitable for each situation, from startups up to large enterprises. Suitable to host datacenter extended architecture applications up to truly cloud-native application architectures.

Efficient and fast

As a result of the Cloud Foundation framework, including code templates and documentation.

AWS Premier Consulting Partner

Our consultants and architects will guide you during the requirement session(s) and evaluate which type of landing zone is most suitable.


Premier AWS Security Assessment

The assessment will be performed with the use of the Trend Micro Cloud Conformity security platform and will result in findings reflecting IT industry standards such as NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ARPA and Well-Architected Framework principles.

The outcome will be analyzed qualitatively by one of our senior AWS consultants and translated into prioritized and concrete recommendations. After the security scan, the Cloud Conformity tool will remain active for 14 to 30 additional days to monitor follow-up remediation actions on the high priority and critical findings. The Cloud Conformity platform can remain active longer or permanently against a discounted fee. Find our offering here

Automated assessment scan

We scan your AWS environment against 550+ relevant AWS security best practices. Find unencrypted AWS resources, public accessible S3 buckets, badly protected root user accounts, and more.

Only requires access to AWS metadata

There is no access to AWS resources and hosted data required. Onboarding of the tooling is an easy process.

Automated in-depth assessment

With a market-leading cloud posture management tool combined with AWS Premier Consulting Partner skilled AWS Architects result in efficient and high-quality security assessments.


Partner Led AWS Well-Architected Review

The Well-Architected Review is an AWS vetted process that provides a way to consistently measure cloud architectures against best practices and to identify areas for improvement based on the AWS Well-Architected framework. The process for reviewing an architecture is a constructive conversation about architectural decisions.

Oblivion is a Well-Architected Review accredited partner of AWS. As such, we have developed a standardized approach to perform and extract the maximum out of the AWS Well-Architected Review within three steps. Find our offering here

1. Introductory Session

We explain the official AWS Well-Architected Review Process and potential follow-up paths, determine the Well-Architected Review scope and the key stakeholders for the workshop session

2. Workshop

We guide you through the AWS Well-Architected Review Tool, giving real world examples and answering many common questions on the spot.

3. Report

The report focuses on areas where the current state is outside the recommended guidelines of the Framework, as well as information regarding the deviation and contextual severity.


Cloud Cost Optimization Scan

The Optimization Scan is a service that provides actionable recommendations to our customers and focuses on optimizing their cloud spend. Our deep expertise and vast experience in cloud financial management allowed us to build a unique set of best practices that have a proven track record in delivering outstanding results. Find our offering here.

1. Scan

Cost and usage data collection and aggregation.

2. Analyze

Analysis reports will be built to get insights into the cloud spend at a high level such as across accounts, regions and business units where applicable.

3. Engage and refine

The findings and reports of the previous stage are presented to the customer and reviewed together with an initial set of recommendations. The focus will be on the relevant cost drivers, trends and potential actions. The insights will provide a starting point for optimization.

4. Recommend

Actionable recommendations will be provided and presented to the customer based on our best practices. These are delivered as a detailed report and an executive summary presentation.

About Oblivion

AWS Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner

Aside from being a Premier Consulting Partner, Oblivion has also been officially recognized by AWS as an AWS Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner (MSCP). The AWS MSCP designation recognizes partners who have built strong Marketplace Channel practices. Partners who achieve this designation have a proven track record of delivering solutions to customers. The MSCP designation is exclusively for AWS Partner Network (APN) consulting partners meeting experience-based requirements.

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