Cloud Engineer Spotlight – Edwin’s Onboarding Story

by Thomas Wijntjes on 06 October 2020

Almost two years ago now, Edwin Radtke made the decision to switch from IT security sales to come developing cloud solutions at Oblivion. Nowadays he represents us as a certified AWS Cloud Engineer for a diverse set of customers. During all this, he has become an AWS Authorized Instructor Champion and teaches his peers the ways of AWS.

What makes you proud the most of your time at Oblivion so far?

“Oblivion took a chance when hiring me. What amazed me was that instead of assigning me to minor tasks, I was immediately encouraged to side with experienced engineers and take on challenging and interesting customers. My first project was at Eurail (whose case study is also available on our website). In summary: Eurail was planning to update their customer app which needs to be able to handle thousands of requests in real-time and that in a secure manner. Eurail leveraged AWS as their desired platform and we were tasked to advise them of the structure and to ultimately design the cloud platform. We partnered with Elastique, who built the software for the updated app and guided them with the migration to the AWS CloudFoundation and landing zones that we built. It was very exciting, maybe a bit stressful, but definitely rewarding to be part of such an intensive project as my first case. Especially when the customer is also happy at the end.”

What was it like to adapt to a technical role?

“Before my assignment I had fundamental knowledge about IT security and had passed the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. Oblivion had a lot of confidence in my ability to quickly learn how to execute a big customer case and to grow my knowledge to a more senior level. At times it was hard to keep up with the development speed, but at the same time very exciting to learn so much and so fast in a practical environment. Sure, I watched my fair share of tutorials, but the real learning happened in collaboration with my coworkers and on the job.”

What stood out during your onboarding?

“Everyone here was really helpful. People actually want to help you and see you grow and become successful. The way people help you and are willing to teach you everything they know is incredible. Even though Oblivion sets high expectations and works hard to represent the AWS Premier Partner status, there is enough room to settle and grow within the company with a big focus on your own learning and personal development.”

How will your story start?

Curious as to how your onboarding could go with us? Make sure to check out our careers page to learn more about Oblivion and what you can expect from a career choice with us.

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