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Why work in public cloud solutions?

We are pretty sure that public cloud in general and AWS in particular is the fastest moving sub section of the IT market. The added value services offered by public cloud providers have moved well beyond simply virtualizing servers. As a result we now work on a wide range of projects and products that encompass cloud infrastructure, security and automation (of software development and deployment). Recently we have expanded even further and started offering managed services for those clients who require our expertise on a more permanent basis.

For people who, like us, want to be at the forefront of technological developments and constantly challenge the status quo we really can’t think of a better place to be.

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Why work in consultancy in the public cloud field

The more “basic” cloud operations tasks in the Dutch market are by now so commonplace that most of the clients handle them with their own staff or partner resources. Consultancy firms like ourselves get involved only when those clients want to make a next step towards DevOps maturity, launch something entirely new or make significant changes to their landscape. This means that as a member of our team you get to work on the most complex and challenging projects the market has to offer.

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Why choose us over other consultancy firms

We are obviously not the only consultancy firm with a focus on public cloud, but in our own view we compare well with the others in the following ways:

We are trend-setters

We are the first native AWS Premier Consulting Partner in the Dutch market. This gives us unparalleled access to the most interesting assignments for our people;

Consultancy ≠ Outsourcing

For us, consultancy ≠ outsourcing. Regardless of what project(s) you work on for which client(s): you are part of our team, not theirs. We are always happy to help our clients reach their desired results, but we are not a body shop;

No micromanagement

We believe in giving responsibility and freedom to people. This means we don’t micromanage your billability and leave room for you to decide how to reach a healthy work-life balance.

Work with the best

Our engineers are considered to be the most esteemed AWS experts in the market by their customers and the AWS community. To give you an idea of which opportunities and challenges you will be provided with at Oblivion, check out the stories of Edwin, Sidney,  Youri and Jurgen.

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Our current vacancies

Right now we are actively looking for new colleagues in the roles listed on this page. There are more to come in the near future. Feel free to get in touch with Karlijn Teunissen, our HR Specialist, via [email protected] or give her a call at 06-34377850.

Is your ideal job not among our current vacancies? You can always apply for an open vacancy. Please send your contact details, CV and a description of the role you’d like to explore with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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