Cloud FinOps Engineer

About the role

Cloud Financial Operations (FinOps) brings the operational and financial side of cloud computing together. Our FinOps team helps our customers to make effective and efficient decisions, by giving them insight in their cloud spend. They also advise on how to improve performance-to-cost ratio in the cloud. As the demand for FinOps is growing, we are looking for a Cloud FinOps Engineer to help our customers get the best value from the cloud.

As a FinOps Engineer you will build highly automated, scalable, and fault-tolerant solutions in the cloud, leveraging in-house knowledge of Oblivion. You are responsible for the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of FinOps solutions across cloud domains. Together with the FinOps team you will innovate and develop event-driven tools which will be used by customers (internal and external) to manage, understand and prioritize actions on their cloud costs.

In this role you have the opportunity to combine your technical and financial expertise. Furthermore, it is a combination of cloud engineering and data integrations. You will further develop these skills while working on the data-driven financial side of cloud computing. And by designing new concepts for the market as a product together with our data and FinOps experts.

What we have to offer

If you skipped the general introduction on our careers page and proceeded straight to this vacancy, now would be a good time to check back and read up on why we think we are a great place to work. Furthermore, specifically for this role we offer the following:

  • The ability to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment and interacting with different (global) internal and external stakeholders;
  • A high level of autonomy in how you execute the job. We don’t have job profiles set in stone, so your proactivity, innovative view, and enthusiasm is encouraged and we like to see how you can add value!;
  • Work side by side with the best cloud consultants, cloud native engineers, and FinOps experts in the Dutch market, who have chosen the following core values: getting results, teamwork, innovation, integrity, and a strong focus on quality;
  • As an independently functioning member of the Xebia group, we can offer you the combination of the facilities, knowledge sharing and growth opportunities that belong with being part of a large organization. On the other hand we still keep the close knit family feeling that has helped us get to where we are today;
  • You’ll be amongst extremely talented colleagues, from whom you can learn more about cloud computing and AWS in particular. Together with a personal training budget of €5k per year + 6 study days you have the ability to have a steep learning curve. 

Of course the bullet points listed above are quite generic. We will gladly make time to talk about your personal situation and see if we can add some benefits to the list.

About you

Our world revolves around AWS, so we are looking for colleagues who share our passion for public cloud technology. It would be great if you also share this passion for cloud native engineering and have work experience in this field. You will have the responsibility to innovate and develop highly automated and scalable Cloud FinOps tools. It is important that you are self driven, have good communication skills with the ability to contribute, and that you are a problem solver. You are fluent in English, and Dutch a plus.

 Throughout our selection process we pay close attention to the following:

  • How well do we fit together on a personal level? Not every great professional is necessarily a good match for our culture, values and way of working. This means we try to gain insight into your work and thought processes and really want to get to know “the person behind the profile”;
  • Prior experience with AWS (at least one AWS Associate certification), especially with automation, scripting (Python/Shell), and CDK (or the intention to learn).
  • Hands-on experience on (AWS native) cloud demand forecasting, cost optimization, capacity planning, cloud utilization and spend modeling (e.g. rightsizing, instance optimization, storage tiering, managed services migration and waste elimination). A big plus to have knowledge of other big cloud vendors such as Azure and GCP.
  • The ability to work with engineering and architecture teams in an agile way to design and build cost optimized solutions, and automate manual processes to reduce overhead. 
  • A background in SQL and NoSQL to build databases around FinOps, together with being able to produce meaningful insights from large datasets is an advantage for this role.

Contact and applications

If we have managed to convince you that joining our team would be the right next step in your career, by all means get in touch with us via the contact form below. Of course we are also happy to answer any questions you might have. You can reach Karlijn Teunissen via [email protected] or 06-34377850.

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