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We have been around since 1998, and in the cloud since 2001. We have done some pretty cool missions, making big and small companies get the most out of AWS Cloud infrastructure. Here are a few projects to show you what we are really good at, and why. Heads up: AWS Lambda, IoT, DynamoDB, ECS, RDS, Appstream, Workspaces, Redshift, Kinesis, Redshift, S3, Cloudfront and more.


Our customers

We work our magic for large-scale international enterprises and start-ups. And everything in between. Wherever you want to go in the cloud, we are there to guide you. These are some of the hundreds of customers in retail, finance, energy and service we have successfully enabled and accelerated the cloud journey for: 

Cases of our customers

Financial Services: cloud computing ánd complying with the most stringent regulations

Have you ever wondered if the cloud is safe? Check how organisations in Financial Services, one of the most strictly regulated industries, take full advantage of the cloud in a secure and efficient way.

Bizcuit: Optimizing their environment to better serve our customers with the highest security and compliancy standards.

MN Pensioenen: How Oblivion Cloud Control helped MN to turn their datacentre environment into a state-of-the-art hybrid cloud environment.


Cloud migration and application migration: a structured process towards a solid and reliable application environment

ZuidZorg, a Dutch healthcare company that provides home-centered healthcare services for seniors across the Netherlands, needed to give nurses and other workers more flexible and better-performing tools. Oblivion Cloud Control used AWS to help ZuidZorg migrate dozens of healthcare applications to the cloud in less than three months.


Security: a fundamental and very important characteristic of cloud computing

Eurail: Needed better security and maintenance for the the heavy-duty Rail Planner-app. Security is job zero everywhere, and this also applies for the cloud. Well Architected environments are secure by design. This is why we built our Cloud Foundation. A comprehensive approach that is enabling ever more customers to run workloads in the cloud.


DevOps: a different way of working, that suits cloud based solutions very well

Wehkamp: how a very large E-commerce company had great results by DevOps and a new architecture.

PonIT: how Dev allowed an IT provider to deliver cloud based services for a multi-billion dollar company.


Internet of Things (IoT) and serverless architecture: how our clients use data of massive amounts of IoT devices

Kenter: How a solution based on AWS IoT and a serverless architecture are powering the measurement of power.

EnergyAlert: How AWS IoT enabled granular and affordable metering,


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