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Automating the continuous integration and continuous delivery on AWS for one of the biggest e-commerce businesses in the Netherlands.

The customer.

Attracting around 350,000 unique customers daily and selling more than 17 million products a year, Wehkamp is a leading e-commerce retailer in the Netherlands. It continuously offers solutions and advice to its customers in an inspiring shopping environment.

After adopting AWS cloud as business driver (more on that here) Wehkamp achieved a maturity level that demanded an advanced DevOps practice. Here is how Oblivion used Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) and Jenkins in order to deliver a fully managed CI/CD environment.

Industry: e-commerce
Country: Netherlands

The challenge.

Although DevOps, Infrastructure as code and containers were already very common terms for Wehkamp’s skilled teams, the online giant’s increasing business demands generated such a workload that bottlenecks started to show up. Deployments became hard to manage and the integration faced performance issues due to a non-scalable architecture, ultimately decreasing development speed and time to market as a whole.

The solution.

The Wehkamp DevOps team needed a more agile, automated and secure way to manage its CI/CD environment. Oblivion redesigned the existing architecture based on its vast expertise and delivered a robust solution that relies on Amazon EC2 Container Service, Jenkins with a High Availability Plug-in from CloudBees©, Auto Scaling and Amazon CloudTrail, in a seamless way in order to leverage the existing mechanisms such as version control repositories, with which the developers were already used to.

A centralized CD server was implemented to manage the deployments in a centralized fashion instead of running scripts locally.

The new design allowed repetition as well as Auto Scaling in the CI setup, so that during peak moments multiple servers could handle the load while keeping costs low by scaling down during quiet hours. Additionally, Amazon CloudTrail was enabled to log API calls, allowing the creation of an audit track for compliance reasons.

The result.

The new architecture not only allows the Wehkamp DevOps team to operate in a state-of-the-art, automated, cost effective and reliable environment that follows best practices and uses the newest and most productive technologies. They need to spend less time on ordinary management tasks and focus on addressing Wehkamp’s rapidly changing business demands.

DevOps: a different way of working, that suits cloud based solutions very well

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