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Cloud Center of Excellence

The driving force behind your organization's internal cloud adoption

A solid foundation allows you to continue your migration planning. To create a dedicated cloud governance within your organization, we set up proactive teams that have a clear responsibility when it comes to cloud. This team is your Cloud Center of Excellence and is the driving force behind your organization’s internal cloud adoption.

We make sure your Cloud Center of Excellence is aware of all the steps that need to be taken and we give them the sense of responsibility to carry them out.

Our CCOE Consultancy Services

Organizing the CCOE

Several Cloud Service Providers have identified the right implementation of a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) as one of the critical success factors for a company’s cloud journey. In this workshop, we will take a look at the components of the CCoE, the capabilities that make a CCoE successful and we help define the cloud operating model. Also, we will evaluate the organization of the CCoE as designed by the customer and propose points of action and possible solutions.


A presentation on the CCoE and the role that it fulfills within an organization is defined, and best practices for organizing a CCoE and the capabilities that should be present for a successful implementation.

Assessment Training

An outlined framework for a CCoE capability assessment, including an example analysis in which the framework is applied.

Assessment worksheet

Discussing the findings of the assessment and identify the key challenges.

Roadmap development

Addressing all challenges and brainstorming about processes that can be installed to achieve this.


Staffing the CCOE

To ensure that a CCoE is working effectively, the right people need to be involved and expectations of roles need to be clearly defined and understood. In this workshop, we will be discussing the CCoE roles and corresponding responsibilities and capabilities. We will also help the customer staff the roles by collaboratively taking a look at the possible alternatives that the company has. We will then summarize and analyze the findings and deliver a staffing plan.

Theoretical Presentation

Inspecting the CCoE, its primary function, capabilities and composition and present best practices based on our experience and AWS recommendations on how to staff and source for the CCoE and what roles are most important.

Staffing Training

We present and explain a template for developing a staffing strategy for the CCoE members, which we will collectively follow for all roles to plan the CCoE staffing.

Assessment analysis & Staffing Plan Discussion

Collectively assessing all plans to determine the best fit for the organization and constructing a holistic CCoE staffing plan.

Sign-off & Handover Deliverables

Finalizing the deliverables and subsequently handing these over to the initiator.


Cloud Operating Model

One of the main advantages of cloud adoption is that it helps companies to be more agile. To fully benefit from this, we will take a look at the possible cloud operating models and the pros and cons of each one. In the workshop we will look at the consequences of the different cloud operating models and how this matches the customer’s wishes. We will also present an operating model framework and help the company to categorize their teams within this framework, in order to deliver a tailored operating plan.


Presenting what a cloud operating model encompasses and why it is important to redefine the existing operating model in the context of cloud computing.

Operating Model Categorization

Introducing our framework for categorizing cloud operating models based on cultural, organizational, team and workload attributes.

Sign-off and handover deliverables

Finalizing the deliverables and subsequently handing these over to the initiator.

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