Cloudar and Oblivion Launch the FinOps Alliance

by Thomas Wijntjes on 04 February 2022

Two AWS Premier Consulting Partners in the Benelux join forces to launch this endeavor. Together, the Belgian Cloudar and Dutch Oblivion introduce the FinOps Alliance. This initiative strives to create, share, and curate knowledge related to a new stream in tech: FinOps (Cloud Financial Management).


Cloud Financial Management

Cloud Financial Management or FinOps (Financial Operations) in the tech world, concerns all activities related to cloud efficiency and value, including budgeting, reporting, forecasting and cost optimization. With the rise in cloud adoption worldwide, more and more organizations are expanding their cloud footprint and with that, their related expenses. This happens more often than not in a disproportionate manner, as costs and productivity are not always in balance.

Cloudar and Oblivion both have extensive experience with helping their customers become aware of this issue and successfully adopting pragmatic FinOps solutions. Now, both companies announce this collaboration aiming to bridge the gap between theory and practice: the FinOps Alliance. The FinOps Alliance aims to operate based on the following mission statement: building a library of functional approaches from real-life experience to the FinOps Community. By creating more awareness on the financial side of cloud, these consulting partners help companies discover inefficiencies in their cloud environment and combat the rampant waste in cloud computing.

Open access

The knowledge shared on the FinOps Alliance is freely accessible to all cloud enthusiasts that want to participate in the discussion of cloud financial management on our website.

About Cloudar

Cloudar is a team of highly skilled AWS Cloud Architects, offering rock solid solutions for any type of business. They design, build and operate high available and scalable cloud infrastructures based on Amazon Web Services. Not only are they an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with multiple AWS certifications, competencies & specialties, but they are also an AWS Solution Provider, AWS Managed Service Partner, AWS Well- Architected Partner, AWS Public Sector Partner and ISO/IEC 27001 certified for information security. We have delivered dozens of agile, right- sized projects to customers across all industries, creating a well-architected core from which these organizations can operate and grow their journey in the AWS Public Cloud.

Cloudar is a part of the Xplore Group Cluster and the go-to AWS partner of Cronos Group. This partnership allows us to offer a unique approach, combining best practices in AWS with Cloud Native Architecture, Serverless Development, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, IoT, Blockchain and much more…

About Oblivion

Oblivion focuses on Amazon Web Services (AWS) consultancy, managed services, and training. Their mission is to guide their customers to become self-sufficient and innovative on a successful and effective cloud journey. This is done by architecting, planning, migrating, and implementing large scale cloud computing solutions and helping enterprises to enter the cloud and by training their staff. Oblivion is an AWS Premier Consultancy and Channel Partner with offices in Hilversum, Apeldoorn, Aarhus (Denmark) and Bonn (Germany). Get to know us:

Oblivion is proudly part of Xebia. Fast-growing digital leader Xebia has been providing high-quality digital transformation consulting to companies for over 20 years, delivering services and solutions around cloud, data, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, and software.

In my role as a Marketing & Sales Specialist at Oblivion I get to combine the best of both worlds: staying on top of the latest cloud developments by listening to our customer’s challenges and using this input to create engaging content.

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