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Is your organization ready for the last push to the cloud? We make sure that your migration is as smooth as possible and your applications are safely given a place in the public cloud. But we are also here for the next big thing that you are thinking of.

Whether you want to embrace a cloud native approach, discover serverless computing or dive in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we do it all. On AWS.


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Cloud Native Development

Cloud Native Development is a modern approach to software development that fully leverages the cloud. It focusses on ready-to-use (serverless) AWS-native cloud services that allow you to rapidly roll out your ideas.

Develop solutions that are scalable and have minimal operational load, so you can focus on delivering actual business value with your new applications and solutions. No need to carry the burden of managing the infrastructure behind it.

Cloud Native Architecture

Advice on your to-be cloud native application architecture.

Cloud Native Application Development

The active realization of your cloud native dream by developing your applications in the cloud.

Serverless computing

Move away from managing servers for your applications and only focus on functionality.


Application Workloads

For application workloads, AWS offers a variety of services. Some workloads work better on plain old virtual machines, where others might benefit from containerization or serverless. The ‘why’ and ‘how’ a workload should land in AWS can be discussed with our vast team of cloud consultants. They have all the tools at their disposal to check what kind of migration strategy applies for the certain workload. Whether it is lift and shift, or a complete re-platforming, our consultants and engineers can help you and your business.

Application Migration Factory

A tried and true methodology for efficient lift & shift migrations in general.

Application Engineering

Creating customized cloud solutions at the heart of your business.

Application Replatforming

Lifting and shifting your applications to a modern cloud environment.


Architecture Reviews

We give second opinions on your current and new cloud landscapes. If you have been in the cloud for a while, chances are that your organization has become comfortable in the way it operates your cloud environment. It is here that a fresh pair of eyes can open up opportunities to grow even further, or prevent steep downfalls that you otherwise would have had to experience on your own. From security to sustainability, we will let you know how you’re doing and where opportunities for improvement lie.

Security Scan

In-depth analysis of your the security measures in your AWS environment.

Cost Optimization Scan

We deeply scan your AWS environment and services usage to help you fully utilize your cost savings potential.

Well-Architected Review

A thorough analysis of your entire cloud landscape based on six official AWS best-practices.


Digital Solutions

We offer a broad portfolio of highly specialized digital solutions for you to launch on top of your cloud environment. AWS continuously develops new services that allow any organization to quickly roll out Machine Learning training models or entire fleets of interconnected IOT devices.

We help you pick the right service for your use case make sure you are leveraging these state-of-the-art solutions.

Internet Of Things

Big Data

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

For those who dare

The future is cloud native.

Even if you haven’t considered these options yet, our consultants make sure your AWS environment is state-of-the-art by default. Throughout your journey we educate and motivate you to go beyond your current boundaries and say goodbye to the legacy that is holding you back. But more importantly: instead of looking in the past, we help you see the future of what is next for your business.

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