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With our Managed Services we help you adopt the cloud with continuous innovation, elasticity and scalability. All this while being in control of your costs and making management of the platform as easy and convenient as possible. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our AWS Managed Services provide a configured AWS platform that is designed for scalability, durability, security and agility. It includes the foundation that allows you to develop and run applications without the burden of operating a platform. The Managed Cloud Platform service is designed to give you full focus on your business logic and applications, and at the same time enable a DevOps way of working.

Oblivion is both ISO 27001 as well as 9001 certified, guaranteeing that our managed services are secure, compliant, and reliable for your business’ needs.

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How we do managed services.

Managed Services

Whatever your use case or imperatives, at Oblivion we have a solid portfolio of Managed Cloud Services available to facilitate the transition to public cloud and a DevOps way of working. Why not benefit from our wealth of experience and our mature managed services offerings?

Managed Cloud Capacity

Full support for your AWS accounts and billing with continuous improvements of your cloud spend through cost monitoring and additional discounts.

Managed Cloud Platform

Active monitoring and maintenance of your AWS landing zone, account structure, and network & security setup.

Managed Cloud Workloads

Full management and incident response of all your AWS services, including OS and storage clusters.


Managed Cloud Capacity

Our Managed Cloud Capacity is based on the resell of AWS services and provides you with AWS accounts, consolidated billing and support on AWS services. But more importantly, it is focused on the Cost and Sustainability pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. This includes cost analysis, cost optimization and cost management but also gives capacity advice (rightsizing).

All these are ingredients of a mature FinOps capability that your organization will need for a successful cloud journey.

AWS Contract & Vendor Management

Cost Control & Operations Management

AWS Account Administration

AWS Platform Support

Additional Discounted Services


Managed Cloud Platform

We consider our Managed Cloud Platform service to be the kind of service you should expect from a next generation Managed Service Provider. Whether it’s a managed cloud platform (landing zone) or a managed service for the workloads on the platform you’re after, we have a proven track record providing this type of service for a wide spectrum of use cases. Even if you only need us temporarily during your transition.

AWS Landing Zones

24x7 Proactive Monitoring

Incident Management

Workload support, best practices & advisory


Managed Cloud Workloads

Our Managed Cloud Workload service covers the last layer of your cloud stack. We take care of the applications that are running in your AWS environment and cover all the application-specific components down to their OS level. This comes with a dedicated support team, active monitoring and incident response management. Total peace of mind.

Management of all AWS services

OS Management

Managed Workload Clusters

Incident Management

Application Support

A solution for every use case

AWS managed cloud services.

We offer a broad portfolio of Managed Cloud Services as we see that organizations are on many different levels of maturity in their cloud journey. We work closely with the customer’s application teams that consume these services to make sure that the cloud platform delivers what the application DevOps team needs in a controllable manner. What do you need from the AWS Managed Cloud?

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